TF+E: Delivering Exceptional Structural Engineering Services

Comprehensive Expertise Across Project Types:

TF+E goes beyond typical structural engineering firms by offering a comprehensive range of services for various structures, including:

  • Residential: From single-family homes and multi-unit dwellings to custom architectural designs, we provide the structural foundation that ensures safety, livability, and aesthetic appeal.
  • Commercial: We understand the unique demands of commercial buildings, crafting solutions that maximize space utilization, support heavy loads, and comply with stringent building codes.
  • Facilities: Whether it’s a healthcare facility, educational institution, or industrial space, our team possesses the expertise to design structures that meet specific functional and safety requirements.


New Construction, Retrofit, and Restoration: Tailored Solutions for Every Project Stage

Our services cater to all phases of a structure’s lifecycle:

  • New Construction: We collaborate with architects and developers from the outset, ensuring a seamless integration of structural elements into the overall design.
  • Retrofit: For existing structures, we assess their current condition, identify any weaknesses, and recommend or design effective retrofitting solutions to enhance their load-bearing capacity and extend their lifespan.
  • Restoration: Following damage from natural disasters or wear and tear, we provide expert restoration services, ensuring the structural integrity of the building is restored to meet code requirements and safety standards.

The Power of Experience: From Failure Analysis to Enhanced Design

TF+E sets itself apart by leveraging its extensive experience in investigating structural and building envelope failures. This unique perspective translates into several key advantages for our clients:

  • Proactive Design Approach: By analyzing past failures, we gain a deeper understanding of potential weak points and failure mechanisms. This knowledge is then directly applied to our design process, resulting in structures that are inherently stronger, more resilient, and less susceptible to future problems.
  • Improved Performance and Longevity: Our designs prioritize not just meeting minimum code requirements, but also exceeding them to ensure superior performance throughout the structure’s life. This translates to a building that is not only safe but also functions optimally for its intended purpose over the long term.


By combining comprehensive expertise across project types with a deep understanding of structural failures, TF+E delivers exceptional structural engineering services that ensure the safety, functionality, and longevity of your building projects.