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Helping People Find Solutions!

That’s our tagline and our mission simplified. We are a team of highly qualified and trained professionals dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional engineering and forensic consulting services.

Our reputation revolves around delivering high-quality and detailed results along with exceptional customer service. Our team has extensive experience in a wide range of specialties, including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering, litigation support, and insurance adjusting and claims investigations.

J. Bret Taylor, PE SE FMPC

President/Manager | Sr. Forensic Engineer

Mr. Taylor has over 38 years of experience in construction, civil and structural engineering, design, and restoration. This includes investigation of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings for attorneys, insurance companies, and property owners. Mr. Taylor’s investigation expertise includes cause and origin (C&O) investigations, and expert witness representation, for horizontal and vertical structures to address various issues such as:  Design:  design errors, omissions, and standard of care, building envelope water intrusion and damages, storm drain system design and maintenance failures, roof drain system design and maintenance failures; Building Envelope: Fenestration – (wood, aluminum, vinyl, and composite doors and windows) installation issues such as code compliance, anchorage, flashing and waterproofing, and water testing. Cladding – installation and code compliance issues with stucco, panel, masonry, and lap siding. Roofing – installation, and code compliance issues.

Construction:  building code violations, retaining wall failure, code compliance issues, construction defects, and poor workmanship, temporary shoring and construction works failures; Storm Damage:  catastrophe response, wind, tornado, and/or hurricane damage, hail damage, flood/storm surge damage, tree strikes, lighting strikes; Geotechnical/Environmental:  fire damage, foundation settlement/heave, and failure, expansive soils evaluation, pest infestation damage, mold growth, wood destroying fungal damage; Accidents:  construction accidents/collapse, vehicular impacts; Maintenance:  plumbing, roof, and building envelope leaks, and lack of maintenance of various items; Miscellaneous:  structural repair design, property condition assessments, primary and secondary structural components damage, degradation, and failure, wear and tear, and product liability. 

Mr. Taylor has also performed design development, structural analysis, and detailed design for commercial, industrial and government buildings, and residential structures.

In addition to holding a Professional Engineer (PE) license, Mr. Taylor also holds the Structural Engineer (SE) credential. Very few Professional Engineers hold the SE credential, especially on the east coast, and signifies that he has passed both the Structural I and Structural II 8-hour examinations over and above the standard 8-hour Civil Engineering PE examination.

Who When How What - Questions we adhere to when resolving your engineering problems

Thorough investigations that deliver accurate and reliable results.

We use the latest technology and techniques to conduct thorough investigations and deliver accurate and reliable results. Our approach is data-driven, but tempered with a great amount of common sense, practical hands-on experience and working closely to meet the clients needs and objectives.

Our mission, embodied in “Helping People Find Solutions!”, is to provide the highest quality building restoration and forensic engineering services in the industry while maintaining the highest standards of training, professionalism, integrity, and ethics.

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