Milestone II

Milestone II

A Milestone II Inspection is a follow-up inspection that is conducted after a Milestone I Inspection has identified significant structural problems. The inspection must be performed by the same engineer or architect who conducted the Milestone I Inspection and must include a more detailed examination of the affected areas.

The Milestone II Inspection will likely involve destructive and/or nondestructive testing, such as coring, drilling, or ultrasound. The inspector may also need to remove some materials to get a better look at the underlying structure.

The purpose of the Milestone II Inspection is to determine the extent of the damage discovered during the Milestone I Inspection and to develop a plan for repairs. The Milestone inspections must identify any structural, or other building components, defects, or damage to the building and recommend any necessary repairs or improvements.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind about a Milestone II Inspection:

• The required repairs must be made before the building can be certified as compliant.

• It must be conducted within 180 days of the Milestone I Inspection.

• The cost of the inspection is typically borne by the condominium or cooperative association.

• If the inspection finds that the damage is significant, the association may need to take out a loan or increase the monthly assessments to pay for the repairs.

• Repair plans and permitting will be required per the Florida Building Code (F.B.C.).

• If the association fails to comply with the Milestone II Inspection requirements, it could be subject to fines or other penalties.

• Repairs must be made by an experienced contractor.

The inspection report must be provided to the local building official and the condominium or cooperative association. The association must also provide a summary of the report to all unit owners.

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