Milestone I

Milestone I

A Milestone I Inspection is a structural condition inspection of a 3-story or taller condominium or cooperative building that is 25 years old (coastal), 30 years old (3 miles inland), or older and those Milestone inspections must re-occur every 10 years thereafter. The Milestone inspection(s) must be performed by a licensed engineer or architect and must include a visual inspection of the building’s primary structure and exterior building components, as well as a review of the building’s maintenance records at an absolute minimum.

The Milestone I Inspection must identify any structural degradation or damage to the building and recommend any necessary repairs or improvements. The inspection must also be conducted within 180 days of the local building official issuing a written notice to the condominium or cooperative association, or by the statute deadline.

Building inspections are designed to identify any major structural issues that could pose a significant safety hazard, as well as other building component problems that may have developed over time. If the inspection finds any significant problems, the building association will need to take steps to repair or replace the affected areas or building components.


The following are some of the things that are typically inspected during a Milestone I Inspection:

• Foundation

• Load-bearing walls

• Floors

• Roof

• Stairs and railings

• Elevators and other mechanical systems

• Exterior walls and balconies

• Utilities

• Other structural components as deemed necessary by the engineer or architect.

The inspection report must be provided to the local building official and the condominium or cooperative association. The association must also provide a summary of the report to all unit owners. Depending on the result of the Milestone I Inspection, a more comprehensive Milestone II Inspection may be required.

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