haS YOUR CONDO BUILDING gone through a milestone inspection?

Per Florida Statute 553.899 (3)(a) If a building reached 30 years of age before July 1, 2022, the building’s initial milestone inspection must be performed before December 31, 2024.

Per Florida Statute 553.899 (3)(b)The local enforcement agency may determine that local circumstances, including environmental conditions such as proximity to salt water as defined in s. 379.101, require that a milestone inspection must be performed by December 31 of the year in which the building reaches 25 years of age, based on the date the certificate of occupancy for the building was issued, and every 10 years thereafter.

***Florida Statute 553.899 (3)(a) An owner or owners of a building that is three stories or more in height as determined by the Florida Building Code and that is subject, in whole or in part, to the condominium or cooperative form of ownership as a residential condominium under chapter 718 or a residential cooperative under chapter 719 must have a milestone inspection performed...

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